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A Sermon On the Fallacy of Evolution


A Russian scientist visiting an American university once said, “Either there is a God or there isn’t. Both possibilities are frightening!” If there truly is a God we better find out who He is and what He wants of us, otherwise it would be frightening to face an all-powerful God that we’ve ignored or despised. If there is no God, we are in big trouble too because the earth is hurtling through space at the speed of 66,000 mph and rotating in its axis at a speed of about a thousand miles per hour. It’s a frightening thought to travel in space at these enormous speeds and no one’s in charge. Can you imagine flying on a big passenger jumbo jet with pilots who have gone unconscious? And not only that: without a God who can answer the problem of death, our existence becomes like a dot in a never-ending line of eternal nothingness before us and eternal nothingness after us. “Man,” becomes, as existentialist Jean-Paul Sartre described, “a useless passion” because no matter how wealthy you are, no matter how happy and contented and well stroked is your ego and belly, no matter how well you’ve planned and organized your life; no matter how you’ve succeeded in your career and your businesses; no matter how secure you feel about the stocks and retirement funds that you have accumulated, no matter how successful is your family, nature still aims to kill you and everyone whom you love, either quickly or slowly, either now or later, but coldly and without failure. So much lurks outside and inside of us that can suddenly snatch it all away, damage, twist and obliterate everything we’ve cherished. Mark Twain once said that the only sure things in this life are death and taxes. That is not true. There are people who evade taxes, nobody evades death, unless you have a God who decides to take you out of this world alive. We can’t avoid the ultimate statistic: six billion people out of six billion people in this world will eventually die.


Mankind had always believed in some kind of deity who had power and control over this earth. It was not until the 1800s, during the era of the so called “Enlightenment” when belief in the metaphysical or spiritual was dislodged by man’s power of reason. In the mid-1800s, interestingly when a religious movement was born pointing to the sanctity of the Sabbath day which points to the Creator, Charles Darwin came out with his theory of Evolution in his book, The Origin of the Species. Charles Darwin was a good man, but his theology was confused. He was bothered by the existence of parasites. So he reasoned that God could not possibly exist because if there was a God, He would not allow parasites to exist. So he started with his alternative theory about man’s origins. Out of respect for his religious wife, he waited for a long time before he published his book. Today almost all our science classrooms are bombarded with evolutionary theory just because of Darwin’s bad theology. This shows us how bad theology can mislead us into great extents, although Darwin himself in 1860 declared, “I did not intend to write atheistically.” But that exactly what his theory produced – atheists. If he only knew the nature of sin, he wouldn’t have wondered why a parasite existed. Because man chose to sin, ugliness and death came into our world, God didn’t cause parasites nor death, we did.

This reminds me of a man who was working in a watermelon farm. When he got exhausted working under the sun, he took refuge and laid down underneath the shade of a big black berry tree. After analyzing the big tree with small black berry fruits, he declared, “O there can’t be a God because if there is, how can He make a very big tree with a very small fruit while a watermelon which is so small by comparison has a very big fruit?” After pondering about his new discovery, the man dozed off to sleep while lying with his face up under the big black berry tree. He was deep in his sleep when a small fruit of the berry tree fell right on his forehead which startled him. When he found out that a small berry fruit fell on his forehead, the man exclaimed, “My God, it’s a good thing that the berry fruit is not as big as the watermelon, otherwise it would have smashed my head.”


Darwin wouldn’t have imagined the impact of his theory on the lives of millions upon millions of people around the world for several generations. Because of evolution, slowly man’s ties to the transcendent personal loving God became unmoored. The domains of religion became gradually regarded as personal, subjective, speculative and fundamentally distinct from objective knowledge and the physical world. Truth was pulled out of heaven, out of the realm of theology and transcendent metaphysics and lodged instead, on earth, to be found only in natural science, in man and in his power of reason. Materialistic science replaced religion as the preeminent intellectual authority in comprehending truth and understanding the universe. Truth has been demoted from the cosmic transcendent eternal omniscient God and lodged in man alone, in his own notions, rules, perceptions and standards, both individually and corporately. Truth becomes relative, whatever man makes it, whatever works, whatever the majority thinks, whatever is popular, whatever his nature dictates. The very concept of absolute truth is denied. There is no objective standard for right and wrong, up or down, whatever fluctuating notions each individual or group deems for itself, will do.

Because the post-modern man has severed his ties with the transcendent God and rooted truth only in himself, if there is to be hope, it must be found only in himself through human resources, human reason and empirical observation – a prospect that becomes increasingly depressing. We’re in a world that by its very condition and nature needs to be saved and yet mankind, with all his technology, science, reason and all the great “isms” that once held so much promise, is helpless to stop his instability, insecurity and certain doom. That’s why there’s so much lunacy, crime, depression and immorality in our world today. Our post-modern world has thrown away the only One who could save mankind from his sinking planet. Modern secularism has brought us to an abyss that’s as empty, unstable, sinking and faulty as the human ego, thus it drives many people into lunacy and depression. Mankind has replaced God with Prozac to save him from his utter depression.


Evolutionists teach that on the issue of origins, the science of Creation or Intelligent Design belongs to religion and not to science, and that only evolution can be the legitimate scientific explanation to the origin of man and the universe. Evolutionists argue that since Creation as an explanation cannot be scientifically proven, that is through empirical observation or experimentation through the human senses, then it belongs not in science but in religion. But does evolution qualify as a science because it can be proven empirically, that is because you can see it with your eyes, smell it, feel it or hear it? The answer is no. The theory that life began spontaneously from a random combination of inanimate chemicals after eons of time is not supported by any empirical evidence, cannot be demonstrated in laboratories, and it’s just pure talk.

In 1953, Stanley Miller of the University of Chicago demonstrated that amino acids which are the basic building blocks of life, were produced through random combination of some chemicals, but it stopped right there. He couldn’t make it come to life, neither would the latter experiments. Even with the assistance of intelligent brains of humans, inanimate chemicals cannot produce life. All attempts to this effect failed miserably. In the mid-1970s Elso Barghoorn of Harvard University discovered the presence of fully developed bacteria embedded in the oldest fossilized rocks ever found, purportedly dating back to 3.8 billion years when water was supposed to have just started to form and life was not supposed to have started yet. This discovery disproved the theory that life began spontaneously three billion years ago. Of course this carbon dating method which allows billions of years is also erroneous because a shell from a live snail which was only a few weeks old was shown to be 27,000 years of age after being subjected to the same carbon dating method that scientists use. This demonstrated the serious inaccuracy of carbon dating which can be way off when it comes to the age of the earth.


The theory that man developed gradually from the simplest to the most complex organism is not supported by any evidence. There is truth in the saying that goes: “When I was in the elementary my teacher taught me that the frog that turned into a princess is a fairy tale, when I was in college, my teacher taught me that it was a fact.” Evolutionists, with the help of the press and the U.S. government, have indeed succeeded in giving the impression that evolution is a scientific fact when in fact it is not. There were purported discoveries of fossils that were alleged to be links from an ape to man such as the Nebraska Man which was rebuilt from a single tooth. Later it was found out that it was a tooth from a pig. The so-called Java Man was nothing but a piece of skull, a fragment of a thigh bone, three molar teeth and an evolutionists imagination expressed through plaster of Paris. The Heidelberg Man was constructed from a jawbone and was later rejected because it was the same as the modern man’s jaw bone. The Neanderthal Man was later determined to be the skull not of a hominid but of a normal human being, his stooped posture was because of disease of the spine and he was later determined to be artistic and religious. The Piltdown Man which was thought to be a 500,000 year-old bone of a hominid, was later determined to be the 600-year-old skull of a woman and the jaw actually belonged to a modern ape. The Peking Man was later reclassified as that of a normal human. Despite all these blatant and glaring mistakes, today’s science textbooks still use these hoaxes as evidences for the theory of evolution.

Dr. T.N. Tahmisian of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission rightly says, “Scientists who go about teaching that evolution is a fact of life are great con-men, and the story they are telling may be the greatest hoax ever. In explaining evolution, we do not have one iota of fact.” The famous British journalist and philosopher, Malcolm Muggeridge writes, “I myself am convinced that the theory of evolution, especially the extent to which it’s been applied, will be one of the greatest jokes in history books of the future.” Professor Louis Bounoure, Director of Research, National Center of Scientific Research rightly concludes: “Evolution is a fairy tale for grown-ups. This theory has helped nothing in the progress of science. It is useless.” G.K. Chesterton was so right when he said, “Evolutionists seem to know everything about the missing link except the fact that it is missing.” No discovery or experimentation from any scientific laboratory has ever demonstrated that we gradually developed from a simple organism or that life spontaneously evolve by accident due to random combination of inanimate chemicals. Teaching or thinking that evolution is science is therefore a delusion. After all these years, and after all these advances in science, nobody has come up with a shred of evidence that supports the theory of evolution.

As Sir Arthur Keith wrote in his foreword to Darwin’s 100th edition of the Origin of the Species: “Evolution is unproved and unprovable.” But explaining why he continues to believe in evolution he continues, “We believe it only because the only alternative is special creation, and that is unthinkable.” Napoleon was right when he said, “Man will believe in anything as long as it is not in the Bible.” In other words, an atheist believes in evolution not because it’s supported by evidence, not because he found out that it is the truth, but simply because he does not like the other alternative. His belief then is not based on reason or evidence but on passion or emotional preference. This sounds like religious bigotry more than scientific objectivity. Did I say religious bigotry? If evolution is not science because it’s not supported by empirical scientific evidence, even if it claims to be scientific, then what is it? One cannot just be a scientist just because he is dressed like a scientist.

When you believe and hope for something but you cannot see any evidence to support it, what is that? Faith! Yes faith! Evolution belongs in the realm of religion, and bigoted as that because it does not want to entertain any other alternative beliefs. It’s not that there is no evidence for the alternative belief, it’s just that they don’t like to believe the other alternative. As the self-professed anti-Christ atheist Friedrich Nietzsche once said, “If one were to prove this God of the Christians to us, we should be even less able to believe in him.” This is classic religious bigotry. It is blind loyalty to something regardless of the evidence. And bigotry my friends, like persecution, is always wrong.

In his more mature years Charles Darwin himself lamented: “I was a young man with unformed ideas. I threw out queries, suggestions, wondering all the time over everything; and to my astonishment the ideas took like wildfire. People made a religion out of them!” That’s Darwin speaking, and how true! It’s the only religion that is taught in our public schools under the garb and vocabulary of science. Thanks to our Christian government.


True Christians should not be blind and bigoted like the evolutionists and atheists, but rather be intelligent about their faith. They should have a faith that is based on reason and not on passion. As Peter admonished us that “we should always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have….with gentleness and respect” (1Pet. 3:15). And Paul also tells us that we should “demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God” (2Cor. 10:5,NIV).


When God inspired Moses and David to write about creation, He showed them that all His creation, animate and inanimate, were created with wisdom (Gen. 1:1, the Hebrew word Be’reasheet translated “In the beginning” also means, “with first wisdom”; Ps. 19:1-2). Did God intend this truth to be relevant in our modern times when we have the ability to see beneath the surface and beyond what we can see with our naked eyes? I believe God intended the same message for our modern times, and modern science is just even starting to “scratch” the surface of what’s beneath and beyond the surface. When Darwin published his theory of evolution in the mid-1800s, molecular biology was unknown and astronomy was still primitive. To give us some idea on what science was like in Darwin’s time consider the following: People believed that bats navigated at night by touch, now we know that they use their sonar-like sensation; the moon was populated by furry, winged humans; decaying meat spontaneously turned into maggots, now we know that they’re flies at an early stage; grain changed into rodents; mud became frogs, menopause was almost unheard of; fever was treated with blood-letting, broken legs were treated with amputation, and people got blood transfusions from cows and dogs. Lung problems were treated with smoking. Cells in our body were thought of as tiny building blocks that store special juices for the body.


Today, through modern microscopy we know that a single cell in our body is an extremely complex system in itself with its own small internal organs called organelles and inside chemistry, each, with specific functions for the cell’s maintenance, survival and active interaction with its environment. Right at the center of the cell is the nucleus which contains the genes, the DNA which stores and preserves all the information of your being. Every single cell in your body carries the DNA that contains the blueprint of your entire individuality. In other words in every cell in your body, God stores the information of your entire you. If one is able to isolate any single cell from your body and he puts it inside an egg cell, it will be able to reproduce you. You call this cloning. That’s the power of the DNA to keep humans after their kind and animals after their kind, which makes macro-evolution impossible.

This information in the nucleus of a single cell is equivalent to 1000 encyclopedias with 1000 pages each. Multiply these 1000 encyclopedias by 75 trillion cells that are found in our body. Can you imagine the amount of wisdom that God created us with? The human body is busier than any place in the world you can think of. Just think of your brain alone. While you’re sitting down there on the pews listening to me or sleeping, your brain carries out millions upon millions of tasks every moment of everyday without even you thinking about it. Can you imagine anyone dying because while he’s listening to the sermon he forgot to breathe, or his brain forgot to regulate the heart or to control the body’s sugar level? Our brain is a continent of intricate and convoluted yet precisely organized network that performs millions of functions every millisecond at the same time receiving, processing and sending microscopic electrochemical hurricanes and chemical tidal waves that travel at speeds of up to 200 mph within our body.

In a sense, the brain is omniscient within its sphere of influence, which is our body because it knows what’s going on everywhere and anywhere within our body and responds to all our body needs accordingly at the same time from millisecond to millisecond. Darwin never had a clue about this kind of wisdom in our body. He never knew what DNA was all about which preserves the integrity of each species. If he did he would never have written his book. He wouldn’t have thought that bears would eventually shed their legs and become whales after swimming and adapting itself in the water for some time. In order for evolutionists to support Darwin’s theory they have to ignore modern molecular biology and appeal to the science of the 1800’s. And believe it or not, such atavistic methods are still being used by evolutionists in science textbooks today.

Richard Milton, author of Shattering the Myths of Darwinism states that the chances of forming protein and self-replicating DNA randomly are as likely as “winning the state lottery by finding the winning ticket in the street, and then continuing to win the lottery every week for a thousand years by finding the winning ticket in the street each time.” In simple terms, because of the intricately precise wisdom stored in the DNA in every living thing, the chances that life evolved by chance and from common ancestry or common descent are zero.


Michael Behe’s challenge to evolution, the so called “Irreducible Complexity” or “Whole Package Phenomenon,” or “all or none phenomenon” in all living things shatters the possibility of evolution. The phenomenon of “Irreducible Complexity” or “Whole Package Phenomenon” is the nail to the coffin of evolution, because it shows that life is so complex and interdependent in functions that it is impossible for gradual evolution from a simpler to a complex system to happen. Darwin himself said, “If it could be demonstrated that any complex organ existed which could not possibly have been formed by numerous, successive slight modifications, my theory would ultimately break down.” Well, “Irreducible Complexity” demonstrates that. To illustrate: Suppose you walk in the forest and you saw a dead branch leaning against the trunk of a tree, you may say it’s just there by random, by accident. But suppose, you saw three branches with the same length leaning against each other forming a perfect tripod, what are the chances that it’s an accident? What are the chances that there was one branch that fell first and then assumed that perfectly leaning position without falling down to the ground, then after a thousand or perhaps a million years another branch fell down of the same length, on the same exact spot and leaned against that other branch, this time both branches leaned against each other without falling to either side until in another million years another branch fell down that has the same length at the exact location where they can now assume a perfect tripod position. You’ll say, don’t be absurd, there’s no way it’s an accident, somebody has put that tripod together! It’s either three of them at the same time or a tripod cannot exist without any of the three components.

My friends, all living things have myriads of systems in themselves that are more complex than a tripod that have to exist at the same time otherwise if one component is separated or non-existent, life cannot exist. From a cell, to an organ, to a system, the phenomenon of irreducible complexity governs all life forms. One example is our energy source called ATP (adenosine tri-phosphate), it’s the thing that keeps all living things going from a dandelion to a roaring lion. Like the Energizer alkaline battery ATP powers all living things to keep them going and going in order to survive. ATP is manufactured by the organelles called mitochondria (mitochondrion – singular) which are found in each of the cell in our body. The mitochondria are the power house of our cells because they manufacture ATP, and do you know what the mitochondria need in order to manufacture ATP? They need ATP! So which came first, the ATP or the mitochondria? Both came first, one cannot exist or continue to operate while waiting for the other component to gradually develop into existence, both have to be there at the same time in order for the system to exist that sustains all life forms. And that’s the most basic source of energy that makes all living things live. From the minutest unit of living things, such as the mitochondria in a cell, randomness and gradual development don’t work. Indeed only with the precise unfathomable wisdom of God can all things and mankind come to exist and continue to exist. Under inspiration, David says it right when he declares: “I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvelous are Your works, and that my soul knows very well” (Ps. 139:14).

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